25 May 2018 was a big day for celebration when the tiny hall of Sha Tin Government Secondary School witnessed the joy of 9 principals, dozens of assistant principals and teachers and over 800 students from 15 government secondary schools savouring the drama performances of Clementi Secondary School, Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School, Sha Tin Government Secondary School and Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School, who obtained the Adjudicator’s Award in the First Inter-government Secondary School Drama Fest.

This new-born drama fest marked a new page in promoting drama in education in government secondary schools. After all, it is the belief of all government secondary schools to provide a holistic education to students of diverse abilities and drama, as part of education, makes life more palpable and energetic and learning more enjoyable and lively.

We owe our thanks to Mrs Nancy CHAN, former principal of King’s College, and Mr Anthony HUNG, Solicitor, Chairperson of Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection and Rotary International Past Governor, their dedication to education is fully reflected in their 2-month tour to six schools each between March and May of 2018, adjudicating and sharing their expertise in drama. Feedback from students all showed that they enjoyed the process of the drama production, had their language proficiency raised, and learnt a lot from the advice rendered by the two adjudicators.

Everyone is a winner in the drama fest, students and teachers involved included. We see love building, among students, between students and teachers, and between the 12 participating secondary schools. May we send our greatest gratitude to the teachers in charge and principals involved, in particular Mr WONG Kwong-wing, Principal of Sha Tin Government Secondary School, who initiated this drama fest, for their relentless effort throughout the year! Without them and without the heart of truly nurturing our students to utilize their fullest potentials, this drama fest could never be such a big success.

Mr LAW Man-tak

Overall Teacher in Charge

Sha Tin Government Secondary School


6 School Award List 1.jpg – Group photo and award list of six schools AND

6 School Award List 2.jpg – Group photo and award list of the other six schools


12 School Award List – Group photo and award list of all 12 schools

(We sincerely hope that the award lists and group photos of all 12 schools can be shown.)

12 schools in drama fest – 12 participating schools, their names of drama and the names of the teachers in charge

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Adjudicator Principals and Assistant Principals &

Adjudicator Principals and Teachers in charge

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Welcome speech – Welcoming speech made by our Principal

(Another important photo) Adjudicator words – Words from the adjudicator

MCs – MCs of the Prize Giving Ceremony cum Performance Session

Prize winners – prize winners of all schools seated

Souvenir to Anthony Hung – Souvenir to adjudicator from our principal

CLSMSS Prize Winners

CSS Prize Winners

HLMSS Prize Winners

KC Prize Winners

LCGSS Prize Winners

SEK Prize Winners

STGSS Prize Winners

STMGSS Prize Winners

TKOGSS Prize Winners

TMGSS Prize Winners

TSKVGSS Prize Winners

TWGSS Prize Winners